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We’ve said before that we relish a challenge. Here are a few examples of what we’ve been able to achieve with a combination of our expertise and innovative (and sometimes weird!) ideas of our clients.


Weddings, birthdays, christenings, or one off pieces for a special purpose – we can do them all. All our prices are variable and are dictated by the amount of work involded.


Trout Wedding Dish


Wedding Dish

Width 52cm



Teacher's Commemorative Plate


A wonderful gift for a special teacher.


Commemorative Plate

Diameter 40cm



Cool Wedding Present


'More Harvey Nicks than walking boots' was the inspiration for this wine cooler...


Wine Cooler

Height 19cm Diameter 12cm



Wedding In Provence


This dish was taken to Provence for a wedding and we were requested to decorate it with lavender, reminiscient of the region.


Wedding Dish

Diameter 142cm



Premier Twins


We were delighted to create these two bunny bowls for the recently born twins of a premiership footballer. We hope they are really hoppy with them!


Christening Bowl

Diameter 16cm

WIth inscription £32.50

Without inscription £30.00


Floral Birthday Jug


We were recently commissioned to produce this jug for a special occasion. Our neighbours, the Real Flower Company organised the beautiful arrangement of perfumed roses and herbs to make this an unforgettable gift. This jug is available in many sizes and can be personalised to include dates and a message in the base.


Curvy Jug

Height 18cm Diameter 12.5cm



New Zealand Bound


We made the dish below for the Middleton family who are emigrating to New Zealand and wanted a lasting memento of their leaving party for all friends and family to sign (using our special pen, they were able to preserve the messages by baking it in their oven).


Commemerative Dish (includes pen for signing)

DIameter 42cm



Emily and Patrick's Christening


When little Emily was christened in March 2009 we were commissioned by her parents Alex and Simon to make this pink bunny dish for guests at the christening party to sign.


Christening Dish (includes pen for signing)

DIameter 42cm



A new addition to the family, Patrick, was christened in August of this year and we produced a new dish to celebrate his christening.


Christening Dish (includes pen for signing)

DIameter 42cm



A Memorable 60th


This dish was desingned to incorporate all the places and people significant in the recipients life, as a gift for her 60th birthday. It featured at a suprise party in Italy, and was deisgned to relfect an American connection hence the choice of colours and stars.


Commemorative Dish

Diameter 50cm



A Unique Wedding Gift

She plays the melodeon, he plays the guitar and they met performing in a band together. How on earth do you incorporate all that into something to commemorate their wedding? Ask us – that’s how...


A Little Piece of England

Want something quintessentially English? This client personalised our cockerel mugs for all her American friends and colleagues.

a little piece of england


The great ‘Save Jordan’s Giant Jugs’ campaign

…us, the Sun newspaper and the nation’s favourite pinup girl. What more can we say?

save jordans giant jugs

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