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Mr and Mrs Roberts came to us in desperation, having searched fruitlessly for someone local to them in Manchester who could help them with a present for their son’s wedding. They knew what they wanted because they’d been given one of our commemorative bowls themselves, but couldn’t find anyone to do it for them. What’s more there was now only a month until the wedding!


Their son and his fiancée play in a band together – in fact that was how they met in the first place- so it seemed appropriate to incorporate their instruments into a piece to mark their wedding. Mr and Mrs Roberts had photos of what they wanted and after a couple of chats on the phone to make sure that we were all on the same wave length, it was simply a case of e mailing the images through and leaving the team to get on with it.

baby shower

Everyone was thrilled with the final result and even more so because we’d managed to complete it within such a tight timescale.

birthday mug

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