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Eden - stunning hand thrown sponge ware, Eden is all about colour - equally at home in a country cottage or a modern kitchen. There are several designs, available in all the shapes displayed here.


Cappuccino Mug

Height 8cm


Dinner Plate

Diameter 30cm


Creamer Jug

Height 9cm


Large Flared Mug

Height 10.5cm


Small Straight Mug

Height 8.5cm


Butter Dish

Width 10cm



Salad Bowl

Diameter 29cm


Pasta Bowl

Diameter 26cm


Side Plate

Diameter 21cm



Half Pint Jug

Height 9.5cm


Cereal Bowl

Height 7cm Diameter 15cm



Cup & Saucer

Height 8cm


Deep Kitchen Bowl

Height 14cm Diameter 26cm


Large Jug

Height 23cm



1.5 Pint Jug

Height 14.5cm


Teapot 5 Cups

Height 13cm Circumference 44cm



Sugar Bowl

Height 7cm Diameter 12cm


Medium Plate

Diameter 25cm


Small Flared Mug

Height 9cm



Dinner Plate

Diameter 30cm


Please get in contact if you are interested in the Eden Pottery we can supply.

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