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                      AURICULA   DESIGN

This design looks stunning in a country kitchen, but its striking clear colours make it equally at home in a more modern environment.


The AURICULA Range  is available in all our shapes , from large dishes through to matching flower pots and dog bowls, with a variety of colour options.


 Our Auriculas are a little more expensive than the Topiary and       Lemon Range because it is far more labour intensive, with four coats

of paint being applied to each flower.

 Please contact us if you have any questions. 




 Large Dish

 Diameter 47cm





 Large 20cm jug

 Diameter 9.8cm , Height 20cm





 Medium 18.5cm Jug

 Diameter 11cm, Height 18.5cm





 Large Fat Jug

 Diameter 14.5cm, Height 20cm





 Small Fat Jug

 Diameter 9.5cm, Height 11.5cm





 Large Conical Bowl

 Diameter 27cm, Height 17.5cm





 Small Conical Bowl

 Diameter 19.5cm, Height 13cm





 Large cereal bowl

 Diameter 17cm, Height 9.5cm





 Small bowl

 Diameter 11.5cm, Height 7cm





 Large Bowl

 Diameter 33cm, Height 12cm





 Dog Bowl

 Diameter 19cm, Height 9cm



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