Cockerels Ceramics

Cockerels are our signature design – we started out on a farm surrounded by hens and chickens and memories of that time make this range one of our favourites.

We have many different shapes and sizes, if in doubt please contact us to discuss all the unique options available.

Tall Cockerel Curved Jug (Height 29.5cm)Tall Cockerel Curved Jug (Height 29.5cm)Round Cockerel PlateLarge Cockerel PlateTall Cockerel JugTall Cockerel Jug sideBlack Tones Cockerel JugBlack Tones Cockerel Jug BackCurved Cockerel JugCurved Cockerel JugBlue Cockerel Curved JugBlue Cockerel DishBrown Cockerel DishCockerel Wall DishBlue and White Cockerel DishHand painted edge with Cockerel InsideCockerel Cake StandDeep Cockerel BowlCockerel Dish and deep bowl (diameter 40cm)Cockerel Tile CommissionCockerel Tile CommissionCockerel Tiles