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This new design has proven to be very popular and works well on all our styles. A variety if blues and purples can be incorporated into the piece of your choice. This range also featured in Country Living Magazine. Call us on 01730 821101 for more information or to order

In addition to our handpainted range we've also been experimenting with some earthenware items that are half hand painted and half transfer - this is obviously a quicker process so the items are more affordable whilst still retaining the individuality of a handpainted piece

Earthenware bowl (33cms diameter)



Large earthenware bowl ( 40 cms diameter)


Earthenware cake stand (29.5 cms) £52.50

Earthenware small jug £19.50


Earthenware dish (31cms) £52.50

Hand Painted Side Plate

Diameter 22.5cm









Small Milk Jug

Front Centre

Medium Jug

Rear Centre

Tall Jug

Height 8cm
Height 13.5cm
Height 24cm




Handpainted Butterdish




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